The Timeless Originals: Styling 501®s For Women

The Timeless Originals: Styling 501®s For Women

They’re timeless, they’re universal, they’re the originals that started it all. Our 501® originals have been revolutionising women’s wardrobes and inspiring limitless looks since their inception in 1853. Effortlessly versatile, the 501® is the ideal blank canvas to state your style. Whether you're dressing them up for a girl’s night out or dressing down for a lazy day, the Levi's® ® 501 Original Jeans are the ideal women’s fit for any occasion. It just comes down to how you style them and make them your own!

So read for tips on how you can style them and discover how you can live in your 501®s, all day, every day.


Nothing says casual and cool like your 501® Originals paired with a
simple t-shirt or cropped one. Don a baggy tee for a laid-back and comfortable
look or a fitted one for something
more elevated. Throw on a plain t-shirt for that coveted understated aesthetic
or a graphic one for a bit more flair. Whichever way you choose to go, this is
a fit you can hang around all day – whether you’re staying in with the girls or stepping out for a relaxed date. And to top it all off in both comfort
and style? Sneakers!


Pro tip: A vintage tee French-tucked into your 501® women’s jeans screams casual
but with an edge.


Dressing up to paint the town red but still craving the comfort of your
501® women’s jeans? Well, that’s what makes them the ideal plus one. Seamlessly
transition from day to night by playing
with the proportion of the garments. Since our 501s® are a roomier fit,
contrast them with smaller, figure-flattering tops that accentuate your curves.
Think a flirty bralette, a waist-defining corset, or a fun crop top – the
options are limitless. And if
you want to keep it simple opt for a tucked-in blouse with dramatic sleeves or
collar. To dress it up further, add some metallic accessories and slip into
your favourite heels.


Pro tip: Play up your look with a sequinned or rhinestone bejeweled top.


How do you go from a flirty night-out look to a clean corporate one?
Well, quite easily with the 501® women’s jeans. Whether the day calls for business casuals or work from home, the straight leg of the 501®s paired with a structured shirt or blouse will have you looking stylish
yet professional. And if the weather or the dreaded central air conditioning of
your office permit, a well-tailored blazer elevates the elegant aesthetic. Finish your women’s fit with formal pumps,
professional wedges, or well-fitted flats, and now, you’re ready to get down to


Pro tip: When it comes to workwear, dark rinse denim are the standard for a
professional look.

So, now you know how to style your 501® Original jeans for various occasions. But here’s the fun part - there are no rules. Go forth and dress them however you want, because the 501®s always got your back.