Back to School Staples: A Quick Guide

Back to School Staples: A Quick Guide

At Levi’s, our favourite season is arguably back to school season. Which we get is a bit odd because back to school means the end of summer right? Well, yes but it also means a fresh start. And this sends us in a tizzy because a fresh start gives us the rare opportunity to help you reinvent, revamp and redefine your unique style.


The very first step is to stock up on ‘Back to School’ staples - pieces that are so easy, so versatile, you can effortlessly make them your own. They’re your jumping-off point to an iconic fit. So, let’s jump in and take a look at the pieces we’re the most excited about this season


The cornerstone of any closet is a good pair of jeans–a no-brainer you can just throw on because you know they’ll always look great. And of course, our no-brainer recommendation is the original 501s, a true timeless classic. But if you’re looking for something a bit more on-trend, we love the Baggy Dad or the 315 Bootcut for women. For men, we’d go with the 501’93–a smart straight fit–or the 550 Taper for a relaxed yet classic vibe. When choosing the right pair for you, remember- the better the fit, the
better you feel - and there lies the key to the perfect base you can confidently build the rest of your look on.


We can’t talk about looks for school without talking shirts. And these days, we’re really into a classic button-down because they can do it all; buttoned and tucked in, they’re crisp formals but let them loose and worn over a tee or tank, they’re casual but still smart. And honestly, we’re obsessed with how an oversized Levi’s shirt can double as a
layer for women, making for a easy, laidback look. And for men, a plaid shirt (possibly layered with a solid colour tee on the inside) is all you need for a simple signature fit. Pair these with bold bottoms, your best sneakers and favourite accessories and you’ve crafted an aesthetic that’s entirely your own.


They’re comfy, timeless and diverse. Wear them tucked in, tucked out or our favourite, french-tucked, layer them with a jacket or a shirt or just wear them on their own–whichever way you choose to go, t-shirts with jeans are a look you can never go wrong with. For women, we love a classic crew neck, and for men, we’re eyeing bold colourful graphic tees (like tie-dye and stripes). But honestly, these tees work for everyone


Whether it’s cool outside or you’re in a chilly air-conditioned classroom, it’s always wise to have a jacket on hand. And no jacket is more iconic than our trucker jackets. An oversized trucker adds a hint of modernity while the original stays comfortably vintage–choose whichever fits your aesthetic. 


Sometimes, you don’t want to fret over style, you just want something that makes you feel ultra comfortable but still has you looking good. And we get that. Which is why we’ve got joggers and chinos. Opt for a breezy shirt and chinos for a more streamlined, clean look–we’re loving the 512 Chinos–or joggers with a vintage tee for a relaxed and comfy fit. And don’t forget, the colour of your chinos/joggers is an easy way to elevate or dress down your fit–go wild with bold colours or stay understated with neutral or venture slightly with a pastel palette.

So, there you go! Mix and match these staples to create your unique style, back to school season just got a lot more fun.