Tapered Jeans For Him: For Every Style

Tapered Jeans For Him: For Every Style

The Levi’s tapered jeans are for every man, every day, and every moment; they’re just that versatile. The classic fit that gradually narrows towards the ankle is the perfect balance between being youthful yet timeless. Throw them on with anything and your look is instantly elevated.

As with every denim collection, we have a whole range of tapered jeans. But how will you know which pair is ideal for you? Well, that’s exactly why we've created this handy guide.

502 Regular Taper: For Everyone

The 502s are theideal pair if you’re new to tapered denim. Featuring a straight fit that’s tailored close but not too close to your body and a subtle tapered ankle, the 502s will always have you looking on-trend. Style them with anything (literally anything) and the 502s have got your back. Personally? We love the look of a casual shirt untucked (falling a bit below the waistband) with the regular taper (cuffed, of course) and smart shoes. This is a fit you can wear anywhere - work, brunch, or even a hot date.

501 Taper: For Every Mood

You know the iconic 501s we can’t stop raving about? The jeans that started all jeans? Well, the 501 Slim Taper is basically the same but just trimmed to be a little leaner. Which means you get the roomy comfort and laid back coolness of the original 501s with the sleekness of a tapered leg. Throw on a relaxed tee, layer if you can with a vintage trucker jacket, slip into canvas sneakers and you have an easy look for a casual day out. Or button up into a crisp shirt paired with a sharp bomber jacket–you can never go wrong with black–and loafers for an elevated fit. Dressed up or dressed down, the 501s are for every mood.

512 Slim Taper: For Every Season

The 512 Slim Taper hits the sweet spot between skinny and regular taper. It’s just the right amount of slim for a lean, clean look while still giving you enough room to move. The contemporary yet style-forward cut of these denims means they’re always in vogue. Keep it classic with a basic white tee or a slightly loose sweatshirt and your favourite sneakers or switch up to fun and flirty with a breezy linen tee (a floral print never misses), cuff its sleeves and pair it with shoes that match your colours. Feel like experimenting? Try a baggy polo shirt (the bolder the print, the better) with trainers and a trekking cap. Whatever the occasion, or the season, the 512s always make a statement.


550’92 Taper: For Every Time 

Roomy, comfy, classic–the 550’92 Taper is reminiscent of an early 90s aesthetic, but the subtle taper adds a hint of modernity, crafting a harmonious blend of past and present. Play into this vintage-yet-modern aesthetic and pair the 550’92 with a simple tee, a biker
jacket, and low-top sneakers. You could also just throw it back to the 90s with the signature white-blue denim look: white tee (blue trucker jacket optional), cuffed blue jeans, white shoes, and of course, a sleek belt. Or come back to the present with a French-tucked shirt and loafers! Pick any decade, the 550’92 will always be relevant.

So go ahead and choose the tapered fit that speaks to you, all you really need to know is that with tapered jeans, you’ll always have the power to create limitless looks.