The Loop Program
  • 1. What is a Customer Loyalty program?

    A customer loyalty program is a program designed specifically by a brand/ retailer to reward its customers, in order to build a long-term relationship with these customers.
  • 2. What is the Levi's® Loop Membership Program?

    The Levi's® Loop is the Customer Relationship Management program of Levi's® India. It is a program designed to reward people who wear and love the Levi's® brand. Through this program we seek to thank and reward such individuals with rewards and benefits such as points being earned against the purchases, invitations to promotions, special events, product previews and a whole lot more.
  • 3. What are the benefits & privileges of being a member of the Levi's® Loop?

    There’s a lot you can look forward to once you are inside the Loop – redeemable Loop points, vouchers, gifts, promotions, invites and a whole lot more!

    Levi's® Loop Points - Get up to 3 Levi's® Loop Points with every Rs.100 on all purchases at participating Exclusive Levi's® Stores. You can then redeem these Loop Points for Levi's® merchandise and a whole lot of other goodies.

    Special Privileges - You can look forward to sneak previews, special offers, exclusive invites and Levi's® merchandise – besides the wildest experiences money could never buy! Loop Exclusives - Every Levi's® Loop limited edition item is strictly reserved for Levi's® Loop members. Outsiders can't get their hands on them!

    Celebrations Unbuttoned - We appreciate that you make Levi's® a part of your life. Which is why we'll be celebrating your special occasions with gifts, discounts and offers, just for you – to make those special moments even more memorable.

    Shopping Scoops - Take advantage of exclusive pre-sale premieres. Be the first to know about new product launches and other promotions.

    Gigs - Get your name on the hottest Levi's® events in town.

    24x7 Connectivity - Anytime, anywhere access to your online Levi's® Loop account. Plus, access to the Loop Member Service Helpdesk to handle your queries.
  • 4. What is a Loop point?

    A Loop Point is the reward currency earned when a member of Levi's® Loop buys Levi's® products at any participating Exclusive Levi's® Stores across India. Members earn Loop Points on all purchases at participating Exclusive Levi's® Stores.
  • 5. How will I find out about the special offers, promotions, partner programs and other news that may be relevant to me as a member of Levi's® Loop?

    Not to worry! Levi's® Loop will stay in touch with you via email that you have registered with us at the time of enrolment. You will receive updates on all relevant matters.
  • 1. How does one become a member of Levi's® Loop?

    It’s simple. There are just a few simple steps to it
    • 1. Make a purchase at any of our participating exclusive Levi's® Stores
    • 2. Fill up the Enrolment Form
    • 3. Hand over the same to our store personnel at the time of purchase and you’re in!
  • 2. Is there an enrolment fee?

    No, membership to the Loop program is absolutely FREE! All you need to do is make a purchase at any participating Exclusive Levi's® Store to be eligible for membership.
  • 3. Do I get anything at the time of enrolment?

    At the time of enrolment, the store personnel will hand over to you:
    • 1. Your Levi's® Loop Membership Card with your membership number mentioned on the card
    • 2. A booklet that welcomes you to the world of Levi's® Loop
Membership Tiers
  • 1. Does the Loop program have membership tiers?

    Yes, the Levi's® Loop has 3 membership tiers – Indigo, Copper and Gold. The Levi's® Loop Points earned as well as the benefits & privileges associated with the program differ with these tiers.
  • 2. How long would my membership be valid?

    Your Levi's® Loop membership is valid for a period of 1 year from the last date of purchase at a participating Exclusive Levi's® store. Your membership will lapse, if your account remains inactive for a period of 1 year.
  • 3. How can I upgrade my membership tier?

    An Indigo member is automatically upgraded to the Copper tier and a Copper member to the Gold tier, if his/her cumulative spend exceeds Rs.4999 or Rs.9999 respectively, anytime during his/her membership validity period or at the time of its renewal.
  • 4. How will I know that my membership tier has been upgraded?

    You will get an email & SMS on the email addess & mobile number that you have registered with us when your membership tier is upgraded.
  • 5. Do I get points as per my upgraded tier on the qualifying transaction?

    The tier upgrade takes place within 24 hours of completion of the qualifying transaction. Points as per the upgraded tier will accumulate from your next purchase onwards.
  • 6. When is my membership tier reviewed?

    Your membership tier will take place 12 months from the date of enrolment, or the date of last upgrade, whichever is later. Your new membership tier will be based on your spends in the preceding 12 months.
  • 7. Can my membership tier be downgraded?

    A Gold member is automatically downgraded to the Copper tier and a Copper member to the Indigo tier, if his/her cumulative spend falls below Rs.5000 or Rs.10,000 respectively, anytime during his/her membership validity period or at the time of its renewal.
  • 8. Can I renew my lapsed membership?

    You can reactivate your lapsed membership the next time you purchase from Levi's®. All you need is get in touch with the store personnel to help you through this process.
  • 9. Can I get a duplicate Levi's® Loop card if I have lost or damaged my earlier Card?

    Yes, absolutely. We request you to please contact the Levi's® Loop Member Help Desk for any assistance that you may require with this process. The new card would be sent to your postal address recorded with us. Please note that 25 Loop points will be debited from your account.
Earning & Redeeming Points
  • 1. When do I start earning Levi's® Loop Points?

    You start earning points from your first purchase onwards, right at the point of enrolment.
  • 2. Where can I redeem points?

    Points can be redeemed across all participating Exclusive Levi's® stores in India. Please refer to for the latest list of stores that are part of the Levi's® Loop program.
  • 3. How many Loop Points can one earn?

    For every purchase, Loop Points are awarded based on the tier that the Loop member belongs to. There is no cap on the maximum number of Loop Points that can be earned during a certain period.
  • 4. Do Indigo, Copper and Gold members earn the same or different points with their purchases?

    Points earned by members depends on their tiers
    • 1. Indigo Loop – 1 Loop Point for every Rs.100 spent
    • 2. Copper Loop – 2 Loop Points for every Rs.100 spent
    • 3. Gold Loop – 3 Loop Points for every Rs.100 spent
  • 5. How can I be sure that the correct points are being credited to my account?

  • A plastic card is issued to every customer with a barcode on it. The barcode is based on the membership number. When the cashier scans the card on every purchase, the credits/debits points are accrued to the corresponding membership account.
  • 6. Are there any instances when I cannot earn Levi's® Loop Points with my purchase?

    Points will not be awarded or earned in the following cases:
    • 1. On the purchase of discounted merchandise (merchandise on Sale)
    • 2. Special offers / promotions / items excluded by the management
    • 3. Buying of gift vouchers
    • 4. Credit notes transactions
  • 7. What is the validity of my Levi's® Loop Points?

    Your Loop Points are valid for a period of 2 years from the date when you earned them.
  • 8. Will I earn Loop Points for purchases I have made of Levi's® products before becoming a member of Levi's® Loop?

    Only purchases made at the time of registration into Levi's® Loop or thereafter will earn Loop points.
  • 9. Can I claim Levi's® Loop Points after I have made my purchases?

    It is not possible to claim/earn Levi's® Loop Points once the purchase has been completed. Please present your membership card to our store personnel, before your purchase is completed and before your bill is generated.
  • 10. How soon will Levi's® Loop Points that I earn reflect in my Levi's® Loop account?

    Your Levi's® Loop points get credited to your account immediately after you have made the purchase. However, it will take 24 hours from the time of purchase for the points credited to be reflected under your online account status on the Levi's® Loop website.
  • 11. Do I need to reach a threshold before I can redeem my Levi's® Loop Points?

    No you do not need to reach a threshold before you can redeem your Loop Points. You can start redeeming your Loop Points from your very next purchase!
  • 12. How do I redeem my Levi's® Loop Points?

    You can redeem your Levi's® Loop Points at the time of making a purchase at the participating Exclusive Levi's® Stores. You can also redeem the points against specific promotions with Partners Programs that Levi's® Loop may be associated from time-to-time.
  • 13. Will the redeemed Levi's® Loop points be re-credited into my account in case of a cancellation / changes?

    Levi's® has a no-questions-asked exchange policy on all products sold. Levi's® will be glad to replace any product you may have purchased with other merchandise of equal value. However, we do not allow for cash returns in lieu of returned merchandise. Therefore, the Levi's® Loop Points earned during your first purchase will be adjusted against the purchase you’re exchanging against. Should your exchange purchase be of a greater value than your first purchase, the Levi's® Loop Points due for the incremental difference will be credited to your Levi's® Loop account.
  • 14. Can Levi's® Loop Points be redeemed for any person other than the member?

    Levi's® Loop Points can only be redeemed by a Levi's® Loop member against purchases made by him/her. However, as a member of Levi's® Loop, please feel free to purchase Levi's® products on behalf of, or for, any other person (e.g. – Gifting) and redeem your Levi's® Loop Points against that purchase.
  • 15. Can I redeem my Levi's® Loop Points anywhere other than Exclusive Levi's® Stores?

    Yes. You may be allowed to redeem your Levi's® Loop Points with our Program Partners, based on promotions which may be in force from time to time. These redemptions will be subject to operating Terms and Conditions. We will keep you posted whenever we sign up with such partners.
  • 16. What should I do in the event of my Levi's® Loop Points not getting credited, or getting incorrectly accounted for, to my account?

    All you need to do is send an email to the Levi's® Loop Member Help Desk at with all the relevant details of the bill, including the date of purchase, bill number and membership number. The errors, if any, will be resolved and the points updated accordingly.
  • 17. In the event that I’m not carrying my card at the time of making a purchase at Levi's®, is there any way that I could still earn Levi's® Loop Points?

    Please inform the store personnel of the same at the time you request them to credit points earned through your purchase to your Levi's® Loop account. You will then be asked for the details provided by you at the time of registration (name, date of birth, contact number, etc.) as proof of your identity. Should the details match those in our records, you will be allowed to earn and redeem points as you desire, or avail of any ongoing special offers or promotions. The above does not apply for partner programs of Levi's® Loop. In such cases, producing the Levi's® Loop membership card to participate, earn and redeem is a must.
  • 18. What happens if I decide to close my Levi's® Loop membership? What happens to my points?

    On the rare occasion that a customer would want to close his Levi's® Loop Membership Account he/she would be free to redeem the available Levi's® Loop Points balance in his/her account prior to closing the Levi's® Loop Membership Account.
Online Access
  • 1. Can I access my Levi's® Loop account online?

    Yes, Levi's® Loop is entirely web-enabled and hence allows you to access your account online at any time.
  • What do I need to do to get access over the Internet?

    You need to activate your online Levi's® Loop account before you can start accessing your account online. Activation can be done with the user name and password assigned to you, via an email that will be sent to you following your enrolment into the Levi's® Loop program.
  • Do I earn any Bonus Loop Points on using e-services?

    Yes you do! Use e-services and earn bonus Levi's® Loop Points as follows:
    • 1. You earn 25 points for activating your account online
    • 2. You also earn additional points for special occasions on which you may engage with the Levi's® brand.
  • What if I don't have my login details?

    If you have not received it your login details via email, you may write to the Levi's® Loop membership help desk at
  • How do I access my Levi's® Loop Points Statement online?

    Please visit and log in to your account with using your username and password. This will provide you access to all details pertaining to your account.
  • How do I update any changes to my details (e.g. – a change of address)?

    All you need to do is log on to your Levi's® Loop online account and update your details as required.

    Alternatively, you could also send an email to the Levi's® Loop Member Help Desk at with specific instructions on the details that need to be changed. Your address will be updated within 4 working days.
  • What other transactions can I process online?

    With online access to Levi's® Loop account you can:
    • 1. Update your personal details
    • 2. Manage your e-mail preferences
    • 3. Check your Levi's® Loop Points
    • 4. View your purchase history and Statement Details
    • 5. Get customized offers from Levi's® and our partners, based on your preferences
    • 6. Provide feedback about your experiences with Levi's® and Levi's® Loop to the Levi's® Loop Member Help Desk
  • Where do I get in touch for any queries / information or complaints?

    You may get in touch with the Levi's® Loop Member Help Desk for any queries, information requests, feedback or complaints.

    Details are-
    Monday to Sun 11.00 am to 9.00 pm (IST)
    India Toll Free number: 1800 102 0501

    You may also address any queries that you may have, by writing to us at:
    Levi's® Loop Member Help Desk,
    Levi Strauss India Pvt. Ltd.
    4 Floor, Raheja Plaza,
    No.17/1-1, Commissariat Road,
    Bangalore - 560025,
    Karnataka - India.